Estee Lauder makeup day – Kadril Karaoke

Estee Lauder makeup day

August 31, Estée Lauder company organized #makeup day for the best makeup artists of Russia. The event was attended by the National Make-up artist Max Factor in Russia, Vladimir Kalinichev, the Ambassador of La mer Lena Yasenkova, the creator of Ann Beauty brushes Anna Kartashova, the creator of the cosmetics Romanova makeup Olga Romanova, and Olga Charandaeva, Natalia Shik, Eugenia Khakhaeva, Tatyana Gorinovich, Elia Bulochka and others. The evening was led by the main make-up artist Estée Lauder – Lena Motinova, who surprise all the guests of the evening with her gorgeous voice.


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