Meal – Kadril Karaoke



Tomato Avocado Tartar  145/10 g with a hint of truffle seasoning 550.-
Salmon Tartar 150/85/20 g served with fresh cucumber and orange 900.-
Tuna Tartar with Mango and Avocado 160 g 1200.-
Salmon, Cream Cheese & Rocket  Ciabatta 160 g 550.-
Juicy Tomatoes, Mozzarella & Pesto Sauce Ciabatta 190 g 550.-
Roast beef &  Dried Tomatoes Ciabatta 220 g 550.-
Chicken Liver Pate 270 g with caramelized tomato — onion marmalade and white bread toasts 650.-
Mozzarella with Juicy Tomatoes and Pesto sauce 220/30 g 650.-
Beef Carpaccio with Truffle Oil 150 g 770.-
Red Wine Pairings 270 g grana padano cheese, black tru es cheese, goat cheese, dry cured beef (basturma), venison, duck breast, chicken pate toasts, savory toasts 2100.-
White Wine Pairings 500 g white ciabatta with pear and walnut, dorblu cheese and honey, dates stu ed with blue cheese, savory toasts topped with salmon and creamy cheese, camembert cheese, goat cheese, scamorza cheese, parmesan cheese, shrimp with grapes, savory toasts topped with salmon mousse, dried apricots, olives, honey 2100.-
Cheese Platter 200/40/50//10/15 g Dorblu, parmesan, goat cheese, camembert 2000.-
Cured Meat Platter 210 g parma ham, bresaola, salchichon, salami Milano, chorizo 1800.-
Mixed Pickles 450 g marinated artichoke hearts, black & green olives, fermented cabbage, marinated mushrooms, salted cucumbers 1250.-
Far East Fish Platter  100/100/100 g nerka, chum, cold smoked halibut 2500.-
Black Caviar 50/35/90/40 g served with quail eggs, crispy white bread toast and butter 10000.-
Zucchini Parmesan Chips 80 g 450.-
Deep fried shrimps 120/25 g in Wasabi sauce 950.-
Far East Scallops 195 g served with fresh spinach and pine nuts 1390.-
Fritto Misto 180/80/40 g mini-squid, shrimp, mini cuttlefish, octopus tentacles 1680.-
Grilled seafood 600/40/80 g shrimps, mini-squid, mini cuttlefish, scallops, octopus tentacles 5200.-


Fresh Vegetable Salad 190 g 500.-
Chicken «Olivier» Salad with Savory Rye Croutons 255/10 g 600.-
Warm Crispy Eggplant Salad 340 g with goat cheese, cashew nuts and coriander in chili sauce 710.-
«Cesar» Salad with Chicken/Shrimps served with Chapati 250 g  780/1040.-
Seafood Salad 400 g mini cuttlefish, mini squid, shrimp, smoked salmon with rocket salad, feta cheese and cherry tomatoes 1780.-
Crispy duck salad 160 g duck breast, cucumber, green apple, lychee, green salad served with orange cilantro vinaigre 800.-
Rocket Salad with Tiger Prawns, Parmesan Cheese and Cherry Tomatoes 220 g 1270.-
Grilled Marble Beef Salad with Truffle Dressing 270 g 850.-


Chicken Soup 300 g with egg and fresh spinach 450.-
Tom Yam Kung 300 g with tiger prawns, fresh lime leaf, cayenne pepper and cherry tomatoes 840.-

Hot Dishes

Beef Stroganoff 350 g  served with mashed potato and pickles 950.-
Turkey Cutlets 160/190/40 g served with mashed potato and mushroom gravy 710.-
Beef Burger  310/135/40 g served with homemade BBQ sauce and potato wedges 750.-

Josper Dishes

Filet Mignon 180/200/50 g served with mashed potato and feta cheese 1800.-
Farm chicken 275/40 g served with potato wedges and satsebeli sauce 950.-
Rack of Lamb 200/180 g served with baby potatoes and bell pepper 2300.-
Rib Eye Black Angus Steak (Primebeef price for  100 g) 1300.-
Dorado grilled/steamed 190 g served with Rocket salad, apple and grapefruit 1300.-
Salmon with fresh vegetables 305 g in yogurt dressing 1350.-
Grilled Tuna Steak with Fresh Spinach 285/20 g  2100.-

Side Dishes

Mashed potatoes 200 g 320.-
Jasmine rice 180 g 350.-
Potato wedges/french fries 150 g 350.-
Grilled vegetables  290 g 450.-
Assorted bread  185/40 g 200.-


At choice

Mushroom, Satsebeli, Thai Chili with mint, Sour Cream, Ketchup, Coconut Teriyaki, Tartar, Mayonnaise, Soy Sauce, Gomadare (nuts), Wasabi, Mustard, Horseradish Red, BBQ, Honey, Raspberry Jam, Yogurt 50 g 100.-

Maki sushi

Kadril Roll 245/10/30 g eel, spicy sauce, cream cheese, spring onion, cucumber, Bonito flakes, seasame, salad mix, watercress 1420.-
Fuji Roll 250/10/30 g scallop, avocado, tobiko, Japanese mayonnaise, spicy sauce 1300.-
Golden Roll 200/10/30 g crab meurus meat, cucumber, Japanese mayonnaise, balsamic cream, Thai mango, red caviar 1555.-
Bonito Roll 225/10/30 g tuna, salmon, shrimp, avocado, spicy sauce, tobiko 1220.-
California Roll Crab220/10/30 g 950.-
Philadelphia Roll 210/10/30 g 850.-
Alaska Roll 205/10/30 g salmon, avocado, cucumber, Japanese mayonnaise, sesame 700.-
Creamy Eel Roll  210/10/30 g eel, avocado, cream cheese 900.-
Warm Salmon Roll 255/10/30 g salmon, avocado, cucumber, spicy sauce, cheese sauce, cream chease, tobico 850.-
Warm Shrimp Roll 205/10/30 g shrimp, cream cheese, spicy sauce, tobiko 750.-
Dragon Roll 280/30/5 g eel, shrimp, avocado, cucumber, cheese sauce 1390.-
Spicy Salmon Roll with Truffle pate 170/30/10/40 g salmon, avocado, spring onion, truffle sauce 820.-
Creamy Crab Roll 170/30/40 g crab, cucumber, cream chease, spring onion, spicy sauce 900.-
Creamy Shrimp Roll 170/30/10/40 g shrimp, avocado, cream cheese, spring onion, spicy sauce 780.-
Tempura Shrimp Roll 170/30/10/40 g shrimp, cucumber, spring onion, cream cheese, spicy sauce 750.-


Salmon 70/30/10 g, 2 pcs 400.-
Shrimp 70/30/10 g, 2 pcs 400.-
Eel 70/30/10 g, 2 pcs 500.-
Tuna 70/30/10 g, 2 pcs 400.-
Gunkan Crab 90/30/10 g, 2 pcs 550.-
Gunkan Salmon 70/30/10 g, 2 pcs 370.-
Gunkan Shrimp 70/30/10 g, 2 pcs 350.-
Gunkan Eel 70/30/10 g, 2 pcs 450.-
Gunkan Tuna 90/30/10 g, 2 pcs 370.-
Chuka Wakame 200 g 500.-


Shrimp 60/30/10 g 520.-
Salmon 60/30/10 g 740.-
Smoked Eel 60/30/10 g 890.-
Tuna 60/30/10 g 710.-
Assorted 240/25/20/30/10 g 1950.-


Berry Miх 820 g 6000.-
Fruits Platter 2700/60/10/5 g 5000.-
Pavlova Cake 150/60 g crispy meringue filled with vanilla cream and fresh fruits served with raspberry sorbet 750.-
Black Forest Trifle 142 g trifle mousse, chocolate brownies  & cherry jelly 480.-
New York Cheesecake 140/15 g served with passion fruit sauce and berry jam 550.-
Chocolate Flan Cake 90/60/20 g served with vanilla ice cream 580.-
Strawberry Millefeuille 229/20 g served with fresh berries, wiped cream and raspberry sauce 650.-
Tiramisu 190/10 g classic recipe with a hint of cream liquor 550.-
Assorted mini cakes
and  handmade  chocolate 415 g 
Baileys Tiramisu, berry tartlet, New York Cheesecake, mini Pavlova cakes, profiteroles , macarons, chocolate 1700.-
Macarons (pistachio, chocolate, passion fruit13 g   100.-
Mix of Nuts 200 g  cedar, walnut, cashew, peanuts 1500.-
Homemade Ice cream 120 g vanilla, chocolate, caramel, pistachio, rum 210.-
Homemade Sorbet 120 g raspberry, black currant, sea buckthorn, mango 210.-

Hand-Made Chocolate Candies 1 pcs

Milk Chocolate with Baileys 12 g 120.-
Dark Chocolate with Rum 12 g 120.-
Dark chocolate trifle 10 g 120.-